As an enthusiast UI/UX designer, so far from all have learnt I would solve the task or problem by simply following the design thinking process

1. Empathy Stage: for every action to take there is always a reason backing it up, so this automatically bring to my understanding that I…

1. What is Design Thinking?
it’s a design approach that desgo through that help in other to get the right solution to a problem
2. Name the design thinking processes you know
1. empathizing with the people who have specific problem that need to be addressed
2 define the process properly
3. ideate a solution
4. build a prototype
5. test the solution
3. What does it mean for a designer to be able to fit himself into the shoes of a user? it means the designer must be able to think like he or she is the one in the need of such solution to a specific problem

Lessons learnt from my first UI/UX design introductory class by “Olusegun iyanu”

How interesting I found myself learning two words that have always give a definition of my own too based on how they sound, User Experience “ the experience of the user in using the product” and User Interface…

Olusegun Iyanu Oluwanifemi

a project manager and enthusiast product manager

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