Lessons learnt from my first UI/UX design introductory class by “Olusegun iyanu”

How interesting I found myself learning two words that have always give a definition of my own too based on how they sound, User Experience “ the experience of the user in using the product” and User Interface “ the interface the user comes in contact with when in contact with a software product or service”. In this class organized by Side Hustle Internship I have come to a more in-depth understanding of this words, now I know User Experience design is a human-first way of designing product while it encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with a company product or service rendered, now I know it’s bridges the gap of interaction between a company and their customers/ consumers. while User Interface design is not just all about the look, but also the feeling, presentation and interactivity of a product, bridging the Gap of interaction between the User and a digital product or service carrying along the position of every icons, spacing between icons, imagery inserted into icons, all just to brings out a good feeling in all User and bring about positive experience for the user. So now I know the two words works hand in hand just has they are written down as UI/UX.

a project manager and enthusiast product manager